Kadus Fusion Fiber Infusion Shampoo is a shampoo that has been specially developed for people with long hair. The shampoo has a protective effect. The Fiber Infusion shampoo prevents hair breakage up to 97%. The product contains keratin and this ensures that the hair is finally restored. It is very important to take care of long hair in order to maintain the optimal result. The Fiber Infusion shampoo strengthens the hair, reducing the chance of hair breakage. The shampoo has a soothing effect and gives the hair a healthy shiny appearance.

Kadus Fusion Fiber Infusion Shampoo specifications:
> Shampoo for long hair
> Protects
> Restores
> Prevents hair breakage up to 97%
> Gives shine to the hair
> Contains keratin

> Apply the shampoo to wet hair
> Distribute evenly and massage well
> Leave for 1-2 minutes
> Rinse thoroughly
> Bring the hair into the desired model
> Treat the hair afterwards with the Fiber Infusion 5 minute treatment for the optimal result.


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